“Revitalization of the Former Estoril Hotel and Estoril swimming pool”
Opens call for public opinion

Date of publication: 22/07/2015
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The Macao SAR Government opens call for public opinion in regard to the “Revitalization of the Former Estoril Hotel and Estoril swimming pool”. The 30-day call for opinions period will run from 22 July until 20 August 2015. During this period, two public sessions will be held at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion - Pavilion A. The first session will be held on 2 August at 4pm, and the second session on 8 August at 11am.

All citizens are encouraged to participate in these sessions. The objective of this consultation exercise is to collect opinions with a diverse range of viewpoints and thereby proceed with the subsequent works that will reflect the views of the community.

Until now, 13 sessions of the “Revitalization of the Former Estoril Hotel and swimming pool” have been held, counting with over 1,800 participants, including members of the Cultural Consultative Committee, Cultural Heritage Council, Youth Affairs Committee, Committee for Non-tertiary Education, The Macau General Union of the Neighbourhood Associations (UGAMM). Included are also members of the public who live near the Tap Seac area, the central and northern parts of Macao, students, teachers, school leaders, as well as representatives from educational associations, youth associations, and individuals from different fields, covering music, dance, Chinese opera, theatre, visual arts and integrated arts, architecture, urban planning and heritage conservation. The Macao SAR Government has thereby garnered valuable opinions from these various groups, which provide important parameters in formulating the revitalization plan.

The former Estoril Hotel and Estoril swimming pool complex are situated at the heart of the city’s cultural district. Surrounded by several schools and a sports complex, the location features favorably for meetings and activities directed to the youth.

The Macao SAR Government is now considering revitalizing the hotel and swimming pool complex as a youth hub.

The proposal is aimed at creating an integrated structure that would also house the Macao Conservatory, providing cultural, arts, education, sports and other recreational facilities in addition to creating a space that can serve other residents too.

The SAR Government hopes to use this revitalization plan as a focus of integration with the cultural, educational and recreational elements of the neighbouring Tap Seac Square in order to foster collaboration and mutual development for the community.   

For more details regarding the “Revitalization of the Former Estoril Hotel and Estoril swimming pool”, please consult the text of the call for public opinion which can be downloaded on the following websites: Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture (www.gsasc.gov.mo), Cultural Affairs Bureau (www.icm.gov.mo), Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (www.dsej.gov.mo) and Macao Sport Development Board (www.sport.gov.mo). The text is also available in print at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building on Tap Seac Square and at the libraries under the Cultural Affairs Bureau including the Macao Central Library (Main Library), IACM Building Library, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Ilha Verde Library, Mong Ha Library, Red Market Library, Taipa Library (Central Park) and Coloane Library. Residents are encouraged to provide their opinions through the aforementioned websites, by post or in person at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building on Tap Seac Square.