On This Side of Macao – The Quest for Verónica 

Bernardo Amorim

Cantonese Version
6/5 │ Saturday │ 15:00, 20:00
Portuguese Version
7/5 │ Sunday │ 15:00, 20:00
Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No. 2
Tickets: MOP 180

    Navy Yard No. 2     Tickets: MOP 180

In 2021, Verónica went on an amazing magical adventure to explore Macao as she had never seen it before, witnessing the wonders of the city through its architecture. However, as that adventure came to an end, Verónica had to start another one elsewhere with her family. Now her friends miss her dearly. 

Surprise! Verónica has left some magical clues that they will follow to find her. Join them in search for Verónica and see what magical things they will encounter this time!

Following the On the Other Side of Macao – A magical adventure, presented at the 31st Macao Arts Festival, Bernardo Amorim, a plastic arts and multimedia artist based in Macao, will once again take children and adults on a fantastic journey.

Playwright, Director and Video Design: Bernardo Amorim
Lighting Design: Gil Rovisco
Sound Design: Bruno Oliveira
Puppet Manipulators: Elisa Vilaça, Jose Nyogeri and Nelma Silvestre
Production Coordinator: Lu Yang

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, no interval
Performed in Cantonese with English and Portuguese subtitles, or performed in Portuguese with Chinese and English subtitles
Suitable for audience aged 6 or above