I Am a Moon

Drum Tower West Theatre

5, 6/5 │ Friday, Saturday │ 19:45
Small Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre
Tickets: MOP 220

    Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 220

A piano dented by high heels, a bruised apple on a shelf, and a body covered in love bites. What do they have in common with a moon full of craters? An astronaut on a mission to the moon, a salaryman who has lost his admired actress, a female math student who puts on weight during puberty, a rock star who is unlucky in love, a fruit store owner and his wife who met while in their teens... Under the moonlight, each of them is with their own worries. This production reveals in the form of a prose poem the stories of six people, independent yet interconnected.

Written by playwright Zhu Yi, I Am a Moon premiered in New York in 2011. The script was then translated into Chinese and the production has been staged at theatre festivals both at home and abroad. This performance, directed by Ding Yiteng, acclaimed as one of the “leading young theatre directors”, brings the faraway moon to the audience, inviting us to take a closer look at its craters.

Playwright: Zhu Yi
Director: Ding Yiteng
Cast: Ding Yiteng, Kang Tongge, Wang Dingyi, Huang Yizi, Zhang Jiahuai, Liu Shang and Kang Yutian
Composer: Ding Ke
Choreographer: Liu Shang

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes, no interval
Performed in Mandarin, with surtitles in Chinese and English 
Restricted to audiences aged 13 or above