The Creation of a Flowing Space on Stage

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Note: Since Ren Dongsheng is unable to come to Macao because of certain reasons, the lecture will take place via online.


Language: Mandarin

Visual designers are committed to create a realistic environment on the stage, as well an atmospheric space for the dramatic art – which helps metaphorize a performance’s theme and connotations – thus firing up the director and actors creativity. Celebrated stage designer Ren Dongsheng is noted for his "grand yet subtle, ingenious and novel" distinctive style. He's able to make an implicit, introverted yet poetic visual rendition of his works' themes, enabling interactions and clashes between the most elementary traditions and cutting-edge technology.

In his creations, Ren Dongsheng travels through time and space, exploring stage design with a craftsmanship spirit. By frequently reviewing the styling, colors and techniques, he has created a series of transcending, poetic, vivid and trailblazing works, which reflect Chinese charms while ultimately illustrating the profundity of Chinese traditional culture.

Now, let’s follow in Ren Dongsheng's footsteps, listen to his works, and together explore the magic world of stage.

Speaker: Ren Dongsheng


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