The Fading Coastlines

Meeting Point: Son Veng Shipyard
Lecture Venue: Café Cheong Lam Kei


No. of Participants:30
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin

An encounter between fishing village and fishing port for a romantic dialogue about the coastline.

In this age of global warming and rising water levels, humanity is advancing towards the oceans; the boundary between land and ocean has become vague and yet our distance from the ocean infinitely far. In this sharing session, we have invited painter Wang Chieh and community art worker Lin Shu-hao from Keelung, Taiwan to attempt to use Macao and Keelung as clues in exploring how these two coastal cities can cope with the current situation and visualize the future.

*The first 30 minutes is an on-site guided tour, participants are recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Speakers from Taiwan and Macao will have an online exchange afterwards.



Vangaree Tam 
Tam is president of the Shipbuilding Craft Culture Association. Born into a shipbuilding family in Macao, he majored in archeology in university. He has long been engaged in studies of Macao history and cultural promotion. In recent years, he has been focused on the preservation of Macao’s shipbuilding industry and the recording and research of shipbuilding craftmanship. He was major creator of the Handmade Dragon Boats: Craftsmanship Development Program, and chief curator at the Lai Chi Vun Shipyard Museum for Shipbuilding Industry in Coloane, Macao in 2020.


Wang Chieh
With a doctoral degree in fine arts from the University of Barcelona, Wang is a professional painter residing in Keelung, Taiwan. He is good at travel sketching and watercolor. He has won numerous awards with his illustrations. He pursued further studies in Spain in 1998, and, upon returning to Taiwan in 2003, he began to record Keelung's urban sceneries through his watercolor paintings in a distinctive style. In 2009, he published an album, Rambling in Keelung Guided by a Painter


Lin Shu-hao
Founder and head of Zhengbin Art and founder of Zhengbin Creative School, Lin lives in Keelung, Taiwan. He is passionate about creative activities blurring boundaries between art and architecture. His works are presented in community developments, local revitalization, regional curatorial programs, art education and space installations. He curated Zhengbin Art Festival (2018) and The Big Fish Coming – Zhengbin Illustration Festival (2019).