On the Move

Nuno Soares x Álvaro Barbosa x Carlos Caires

21/1 (Sun) 19:00
    Gathering Point: Pier No. 9     Free

#Bicycle Ride #Video

Expressions on the Move

With a bicycle, your eyes and your curiosity, you can cycle around the city as you enjoy the attractions, visit the communities and locals. Have you seen what is laid out in front of you? Have you heard what is around you? Have you left your footprints on where you had passed through?

Welcome to our refreshing creative bicycle tours that include tailor-made journeys of sounds, images and maps. You will be both the rider and the artist, and you have to use different senses to experience Macao and record its urban pulse. A team of Portuguese artists will create a video based on what the cyclers have seen and heard, re-exploring the Macao you and I come to know on the move.


Programme Coordinator and Curator: Nuno Soares
Technical Coordinator: Andreia Soares and Tiago Patatas
Artists: Nuno Soares, Álvaro Barbosa and Carlos Caires


Approx. 1 hour