Cracks – Physical Performance in the City I/II/III

Four Dimension Spatial

I: 16, 17/1 (Tue, Wed) 16:30, 17:30 / Rua do Rebanho
II: 18, 19/1 (Thu, Fri) 15:00, 17:00 / Ruins of St. Paul’s
III: 20, 21/1 (Sat, Sun) 15:00, 17:00 / Sir Robert Ho Tung Library
    Rua do Rebanho, Ruins of St. Paul's, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library     Free

#Live Art

Stretching your arms upwards and bending your body downwards – are these performance movements on stage or routines of a mover working in the market?

Pacing yourself fast or slow at your wish as the music goes – is this dancing or citizens exercising in a park?

Breaking the boundary of venues and intervening in public spaces – is this artistic creation or just your next door neighbour hanging out laundry in the street?

We tend to focus on the body movements under the spotlight on stage, but rarely pick up the hints of arts embedded in our everyday body movements. Macao dance group Four Dimension Spatial joins hands with artists from home and abroad to turn the day-to-day body movements into street performances. Three performances are set to shed some light on an artistic representation of daily life through a crack.


Creation and Performers: Guo Rui, Wu Hui, Lou Hio Mei and Simo Kellokumpu


Approx. 30 minutes