Twenty-fifth issue of Magazine discusses the operation of catering businesses integrated with cultural and creative elements

Date of publication: 05/02/2018
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Published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and produced by the Like Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd., the twenty-fifth issue of C² Magazine will be launched on Wednesday, 7 February. With the development of the cultural and creative industry, the increase of the cultural connotation in the catering industry is becoming a trend. In the section “Feature”, representatives from three branded restaurants, including Café Voyage, Kiss Manner and Poli Café, discuss the operation of catering businesses integrated with cultural and creative elements by introducing the management of their respective branded restaurants.

In the section “Brand Story”, the founder of local original jewellery design brand Cloé Jewelry & Art, Chloe Chan, shares her business model in custom jewellery. In the section “Extravaganza”, the project coordinator of the Macao Light Festival 2017, James Chu, is invited to share his experience in organizing the Macao Light Festival and the stories behind it. In the section “Around the Globe”, Johnny Tam, director of the local musical Mr. Shi and His Lover, which overseas tours have been successfully held, shares the experience of producing this play and the public performance of the troupe. In the “Blogs” section, seven columnists, Lo Che Ying, Inky Leong, Lam Sio Man, Un Sio San, Sio Ng, Ron Lam and Yap Seow Choong, share their unique perspectives on the development of the cultural and creative industries.

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