First painting and calligraphy works exhibition at Anim’Arte NAM VAN

Date of publication: 21/09/2017
Type: Exhibition

Co-organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and the Macau Artist Society, “Purge one’s mind: Trio exhibition by Leong Kit Man, Im Hok Lon and Mok Hei Sai” will be inaugurated on Monday, 25 September, at 6pm, at the Lakeside Gallery -  Room S1 in the Anim’Arte NAM VAN. It is the first painting and calligraphy works exhibition organized at Anim’Arte NAM VAN, featuring a total of 25 artworks by three young artists. The exhibition is open until 25 November. All are welcome to appreciate the painting and calligraphy works of the new generation of artists.

Leong Kit Man is currently studying for a Ph.D. degree at the Fine Arts at the Chinese National Academy of Arts. She is now engaged in the research of fine art theories, artistic creation and Chinese painting education and specializes in the creation of Chinese painting in the gongbi style. She was a lecturer in the Design Programme of the City University of Macau. Her works have been selected for the collections of the Government and private institutions. She is active in exhibition activities in Macao, Mainland China and abroad.

Mok Hei Sai (pen name: Xing Yue) obtained a master degree in Literature and Art Studies at the East China Normal University. He has been engaged in teaching calligraphy for many years and is committed to the promotion of traditional culture. Over the past few years, he has cooperated with artists from the fields of tea ceremony and leather carving, in an attempt to promote the charm of Chinese characters.

Im Hok Lon is a graduate from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts specializing in landscape painting. He is committed to the promotion of Chinese painting and carving. His works mostly feature landscapes and animals, and were exhibited in Mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His works were also selected for the “Macao Annual Visual Arts Exhibition” and the “National Exhibition of Fine Arts”.

Admission is free. The exhibition is open daily from 11am to 10pm at  Lakeside Gallery - Room S1 in Anim’Arte NAM VAN, located at Nam Van Lakeside Plaza at Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Nam Van. The exhibition is open to the general public and artworks are available for sale.

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