Revival of Encounters: Audiovisual Mapping of St. Paul's Ruins
to Run for 10 Consecutive Nights

Date of publication: 16/08/2011
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The performance Encounters: Audiovisual Mapping of St. Paul’s Ruins, commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and staged during the 22nd Macao Arts Festival, generated great public demand for additional performances – a demand which has not ceased. The organiser will therefore revive the light show for 10 consecutive nights, from 26th August to 4th September, with two performances at 8:00pm and 9:00pm each night at the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Admission is free.

Commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the performance Encounters: Audiovisual Mapping of St. Paul’s Ruins was produced by the Barcelona-based Telenoika Mapping team with support from the agency Panda Artist Management, which has offices in both Barcelona and Macao. Utilising cutting-edge audiovisual technology, coupled with uniquely structured images and original music, this stunning production was staged at Macao’s landmark Ruins of St. Paul’s. The show depicts various chapters in the site’s and the city’s history, from the arrival of the Portuguese in Macao and the fire that destroyed much of St. Paul’s to the more modern development of the city and its diverse cultural characteristics. The creative visual composition and compelling content gives new, vivid, modern life to this ancient and significant locale.

Performances of the show during the Macao Arts Festival in May this year attracted impressive numbers of residents and tourists. The public’s enjoyment of the projections instantly sparked heated discussions on the Internet and among the younger generation, who spread the word about the show to every corner of the city. The effects were widespread, gradually leading to an ongoing discussion about cultural events in general, a topic not common in Macao society in recent years. With exposure to worldwide audiences via the Internet, the audiovisual performance was, and continues to be, enthusiastically received both at home and abroad.

In response to the desire from both residents and tourists for an encore run, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has decided to revive the show this month. The Bureau has specially invited those who have taken an interest in the city’s cultural atmosphere to attend a public forum about the show, chaired by Bureau President Ung Vai Meng, who will collect opinions from the various parties. Such a forum has been deemed effective for the future development of this kind of public performance and for the promotion of an atmosphere of open dialogue on Macao’s cultural and arts events in general.

Furthermore, the organiser has sent staff members to conduct surveys in the neighbourhood of the Ruins of St. Paul’s to understand any possible negative impact on them associated with the performances. Based on this feedback, suitable adjustments in the revival run of the show will be made.

The revival of Encounters: Audiovisual Mapping of St. Paul’s Ruinsis scheduled to run for 10 consecutive nights, from 26th August to 4th September, with two performances at 8:00pm and 9:00pm each night at the Ruins of St. Paul’s. As outdoor performances are easily influenced by inclement or serious weather conditions, such as typhoons, the organiser has made the following arrangements:

In the event there is rain at 7:00pm on the evening of the show, the organiser will cancel the 8:00pm performance. If the rain persists until 8:00pm, the 9:00pm performance will also be cancelled.

In the event a Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 3 or above, or a Rainstorm Signal / Thunderstorm Warning, is hoisted by the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau and is in effect at 3:00pm on the day of the show, both the 8:00pm and 9:00pm performances will be cancelled. Even if the signal is lowered at or before 8:00pm, the shows will remain cancelled.

Residents may keep abreast of last-minute schedule changes on the Cultural Affairs Bureau website. To better manage the size of audiences and congestion in the viewing area, the organiser recommends viewing the show on weekdays, if possible. For enquiries, please call 8399 6699 or visit 


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