“Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts” inaugurated presenting exceptional artworks by several local artists

Date of publication: 29/04/2021
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Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the “Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts” was inaugurated on 29 April (Thursday), at the Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1, featuring exceptional artworks by several local artists. Winning artists were awarded in the ceremony. The opening ceremony was officiated by the Director of the Department of Publicity and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR, Wan Sucheng; the President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian; the Director of the School of Arts of the Macao Polytechnic Institute, Hsu Hsiu-Chu; the President of the General Assembly of the Photographic Society of Macao, Kuok Keng Man; the Deputy Director and General Manager of the Macao Daily News, Wan Nang Hon; and the Executive Vice President of the Macau Artist Society, Sio In Leong.

The “Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts” has been promoting local artistic creation and the development of talents for many years, and has been an iconic cultural event in the local visual arts sector, and a platform for Macao artists to showcase their talent and creativity. A total of 300 pieces (sets) from 180 participants were submitted, covering a wide variety of media, ranging from painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, installation, video to related cross-media creations, showing the diversity and creativity of the local art scene.

The Jury, composed by 7 experienced art professionals from home and abroad, rigorously selected a total of 79 pieces (sets). The list of award-winning artworks is as follows: Animus by Lo Hio Ieng, winner of the Grand Prize of Jury Award; Review by Sit Ka Kit, winner of the Young Artist Award. 10 artworks were selected to receive the Outstanding Artworks Award, namely Animus by Lo Hio Ieng; Review by Sit Ka Kit; Infernal Valley by Lou Kam Ieng; UNTITLED 03 by Ricardo Filipe dos Santos Meireles; He Was Here by Ieong Wan Si; Self Portrait Wall-paper by Xie Yun; Measurement by Lam Im Peng; Epitome by Im Fong; St. Dominic’s Church by Cai Guo Jie; and Conjoined Existence by Ng Sang Kei. In addition, 10 artworks integrate the Special Artwork Selection, namely Out of the World by Lam Sio Hong; Minus Landscapes by Kun Wang Tou; Everyone has Their Own Truth by Cheong Hoi I; Lost Space by Ieong Mei Cheng; Inclusion Series I by Wu Hin Long; Five Tastes: Bitter and Sweet Feelings by Kam Hio Kuan; Gathering by Lei Ka Ieng; Colourful Macao by Wang Fan; Mists of Macao by João Miguel Vieira Santos de Barros; and Tour by Che Chi Un.

The “Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts” is held from 30 April to 13 June at the Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1 and at the Former Municipal Cattle Stable. The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 7pm, including on public holidays. Admission is free.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau will strictly follow the relevant anti-epidemic guidelines of the Health Bureau, and implement appropriate measures for cultural activities. All visitors must wear face masks, undergo body temperature checks, present a valid “Macao Health Code” of the day, and comply with the crowd control measures on site.

For enquiries about the exhibition, please contact IC through tel. no. 8988 4000 during office hours or visit the Cultural Affairs Bureau website at www.icm.gov.mo.

Exhibition venues

Obras Artworks_Former Municipal Cattle Stable

 Obras Artworks_Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1