Macanese cuisine is an invaluable food culture and an element of the intangible cultural heritage of Macao. With ingredients and cooking methods derived from Europe, Asia and Africa, this gastronomy represents the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and embodies the co-existence of diverse cultures in Macao.

In 2017, Macao was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, also recognizing that Macanese cuisine plays an active role in the sustainable development of the city. In order to preserve and promote  Macanese gastronomy, the Macao SAR government created the “Macanese Cuisine Database”, in order to collect and share documents related to the Macanese cuisine, including Macanese cuisine recipes.

In order to enrich the “Macanese Cuisine Database”, gather more records about Macanese gastronomy and promote related research, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) of Macao SAR government decided to launch the program “International Call for Macanese Cuisine Recipes”. All recipes collected will be stored and displayed in the “Macanese Cuisine Database” and used for the purpose of research and promotion of the Macanese gastronomy.


  1. Time for submitting materials:

From August 2020.

  1. Contents:

This program calls for the submission of Macanese cuisine recipes or manuscripts.

  1. Purpose:

Recipes collected will be stored and displayed in the “Macanese Cuisine Database” set up by the Macao SAR government, for public reference and also for the research and promotion of the Macanese gastronomy.

  1. Remarks:
  • The provider must be the original proprietor or the legal holder of the copyright. The recipe must be submitted together with the respective filled-out information form  and declaration;

  • The submission of recipes is on a voluntary basis, without payment.

  • The name of the provider will always be indicated when using or displaying the submitted recipe of Macanese cuisine;

  • Personal data collected in this initiative is used for communication purposes only. The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) will treat such information strictly in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Law No. 8/2005) of Macao;

  • The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) reserves the right to the final interpretation and decision about the implementation of this program and the use of the recipes collected.