2018 Macao International Parade presents figures of the mythology and folklore from China and the Portuguese-speaking countries

Date of publication: 22/11/2018
Type: Macao International Parade

In celebration of the 19th anniversary of Macao’s handover to China, the “2018 Macao International Parade” is an annual cultural event that gathers artistic talent and creativity in Macao. This year, the Parade presents ten figures of the mythology and folklore of China, Macao and eight Portuguese-speaking countries, which represent the cultural essence of the respective countries and regions and promote the Parade as an exchange platform for culture and arts.

The ten figures include Nüwa from China, the A-Má from Macao, the Barcelos Rooster from Portugal, the Sun from Cape Verde, the Crocodile from East Timor, the White-nosed Monkey from Guinea-Bissau, the Protector of the Forest from Brazil, the Island of Roosters from São Tomé and Príncipe, the Goddess of the Sea from Angola and the Spirit of the Oceans from Mozambique. These figures carry the roots and essence of their respective cultures and represent different values in life such as love, inheritance, esteem, respect, protection, eternity, justice, gratitude, compassion and dedication. The ten figures were created by a local designer from the mythology and folklore of China, Macao and the Portuguese-speaking countries, representing them in an innovative way.

The closing performance of the Parade at Sai Van Lake Square will feature huge balloons of the various mythological and folklore figures, as well as fireworks at the Macao Tower and a series of excellent performances by the various performing groups, celebrating the Handover with residents and tourists. In addition, the figures of the mythology and folklore of China, Macao and the Portuguese-speaking countries will also be introduced through the Parade’s new media, online and offline community interactive games, as well as other promotional activities, so that the public can have a deeper contact with the cultures of these countries and regions.

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