Fang Lijun: The Light of Dust

4/3-11/6 │ 10:00-19:00 (No admittance after 18:30)
Closed on Mondays and open on public holidays
Macao Museum of Art
Free admission

    Macao Museum of Art     Free admission

With his iconic “bald-headed” figures, Fang Lijun, a pioneer of China’s “Post-1989 New Art Movement”, pioneered the “Rascal Culture” and “Cynical Realism” in Chinese contemporary art in the early 1990s.

Using “Human & Figures” as a narrative clue, this exhibition aims to provide a classic yet fresh perspective on Fang Lijun. His works deconstruct the interplay and mixture between the typical portraits and stereotypical faces of an era, capturing the shared pains and feelings of the present time and life in a transcendental manner. The four main sections, namely “Passage: The Process of Growing Up”, “Introspection: Self-Portraits”, “Mutual Reflections: Friends”, and “The Light of Dust: Human”, showcase the creative journey that the artist has taken, with a particular focus on his new experiments with a variety of media during the last decade. Viewers are invited to take a glimpse, through Fang Lijun’s works, into the zeitgeist of contemporary China and lend a listening ear to their own internal voices.

Artist: Fang Lijun
Curator: Luo Yi
Organiser: Macao Museum of Art
Supporters: Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Guangdong Museum of Art and Luzhou Laojiao – National Cellar 1573
Academic Supporter: Archives of Contemporary Art of China

Woodcut print
400 x 852cm

Woodcut print
488 x 852cm

Ink on paper
99 x 102cm