Selected Screenings of International Stage Performances
Monte Cristo

Moscow Operetta Theatre

Monday, April 25, 2022 19:30     Galaxy Cinemas     Tickets: MOP 80

The glamour of the stage is no longer limited to a specific time and space. International masterpieces are now brought to the local audience through the silver screen.

With captivating acting skills, The Lehman Trilogy by the National Theatre Live leads audiences to look back at a contemporary epic. The French literary classic The Count of Monte Cristo is presented by the long-standing Moscow Operetta Theatre. A Swan Lake by the Norwegian National Ballet offers a reinterpretation of the classic dance piece with awe-inspiring visual effects and choreography. Akhnaten by the world-leading Metropolitan Opera is a reproduction of the work by American music maestro Philip Glass, with the most sophisticated and stunning theatrical aesthetics.


Monte Cristo
Moscow Operetta Theatre
(2019, Russia)

Grand Theater, Galaxy Cinemas
Tickets: MOP 80 (Purchase tickets through Macao Ticketing Network)

Director: Alina Chevik
Duration: 132 minutes
Language: Russian
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Category: Group B (Not Suitable for audiences under 13 years of age)


A Story Interweaved with Love, Hatred and Vengeance by the Great French Writer Alexandre Dumas
Edmund, a young sailor, was falsely accused and imprisoned, losing everything overnight. In prison, he became acquainted with Faria, who took care of him and shared with him the secret of Monte Cristo’s treasure. After escaping from prison, Edmund found the treasure and returned to society with great fortune to begin his quest for revenge.
Adapted from French author Alexandre Dumas’s world classic, the musical Monte Cristo showcases this legendary tale of love, betrayal and revenge with an infectious performance. With the Russian musical performers’ fabulous skills and ingenious stage effects, it set itself as the record holder as per the running time of Contemporary Russian musicals.


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