Workshop for Experiencing the Arts and Crafts of Bamboo Scaffolds

Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1     Macao Contemporary Art Centre - Navy Yard No.1     Tickets: MOP 50

No. of Participants: 30
Language: Cantonese
Target Participants: Aged 13 or above
Fee: MOP 50


The bamboo theatre is mainly composed of bamboo and fir beams, pillars and frames, and the outer cover is zinc and iron to keep out the shade and rain. According to different needs, the scaffolding master can flexibly build a theatre that can accommodate as few as hundreds and as many as thousands of spectators, which reflects the wisdom of traditional Chinese architecture. In the event, experienced scaffolding masters demonstrate the scaffolding skills, and participants will have the opportunity to learn and experience in person.

Chio Seng Wai                                      

Chio is a local veteran scaffolder, the chief supervisor of the Associação dos Barraqueiros de Macau and owner of Seng Kei Barraqueiro, who is well acquainted with the steps and skills needed to erect scaffolds, as well as knowledge of the relevant engineering and mechanics techniques.

Assistant Instructor
Leong Wo

Participants are recommended to wear comfortable clothing and safety gloves.

The deadline for registration is May 2. In case of oversubscription, selection will be made by drawing lots. Accepted applicants will be notified to submit the fee at any branch of the Macao Ticketing Network by the appointed date.