FIMM-tastic Weekend: Music and Movie Nights (Cancelled)

Friday       18:30-22:00
Saturday   17:00-22:00
Sunday      17:00-20:30

Free admission with ticket


    Tap Siac Square    

This year’s Festival specially presents FIMM-tastic Weekend: Music and Movies Night at Tap Seac Square for three consecutive nights, featuring the screening of concerts and movies, with street performances and various activities, aiming to create diversified musical experiences. Come with friends and family to enjoy a musical weekend. Snacks and drinks are available on site.

29/10 Friday 18:30-22:00

In the Tracks of – Special Edition*

Director: Pascale Cuenot
Duration: 92’
Language: French and English
Subtitles: Chinese and English
Categories: Group B (Not suitable for audiences under 13 years of age)

Upon hearing the melody of a classic score, we can’t help but mentally revisit the tearful, touching scenes. Perhaps that’s all because of the memory magic of film scores!

Classic films often make up the collective memories of a generation, yet from contemporary Hollywood to the French New Wave, how do film scores wizards from different generations and of different styles transform moving images into musical themes and make them timeless classics? In this documentary, Oscar-winning composers like Alexandre Desplat (The Shape of Water) and Maurice Jarre (Lawrence of Arabia) will discuss the art of writing the film score.

Through the two masters’ sharing across time and space, audiences will have a glance at how the great classic film scores were inspired and created!

  • Outreach programme: FIDA’s Musical Memories

    Macau band FIDA’s lead vocalist and guitarist Cheng Un, drummer Ivan Wing and bassist Dennis Wan will perform an acoustic version of tunes inspired by films, allowing the audience to enjoy beautiful musical moments while immersing themselves in the memories of the films in the Tap Seac Square autumnal breeze.

    The after-screening concert lasts about 35 minutes.

Fado on Big Screen: Cuca Roseta MEU

Soul, fate and truth

Cuca Roseta is one of the most widely acclaimed voices in the present-day world of fado. She began singing at the age of 18 in a fado house and soon gained recognition. Her first album Cuca Roseta was released in 2011 to critical acclaim, instantly conquering the hearts and minds of the public. Her impressive career has further been marked by the fact that her works have been produced by some of the greatest names in music, such as Gustavo Santaolalla and Nelson Motta.

She has recorded a fado concert Meu for this year’s Festival, performing songs selected from her latest album Meu. Her unique voice style of singing will take us on a journey into our soul.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, no interval
Performed in Portuguese, with surtitles in Chinese and English 

Programme Highlights
Rua do Capelão
Rosinha da Serra D’Arga

Vocal: Cuca Roseta
Portuguese Guitar: Sandro Costa
Acoustic Guitar: Tuniko Goulart 
Acoustic Bass Guitar: Marino de Freitas
Percussion: Vicky Marques

30/10 Saturday 17:00-22:00

London Symphony Orchestra with Sir Simon Rattle on Big Screen

“Inside or outside the walls of a concert hall, the experience of great music is for everyone.” – Sir Simon Rattle 

The London Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1904, has built a resounding reputation in classical music circles and is considered one of the world’s best orchestras. With its own unique timbre, style and pioneering spirit, it performs at the highest level in Europe and the world. In its nearly 120 years of history, the Orchestra has worked with many of the greatest conductors, composers and musicians, writing a brilliant chapter in the history of classical music. 

In this year’s Festival, audience will appreciate via the big screen the music created by Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra – the vibrant, colourful Dvořák’s Scherzo capriccioso, and the magical Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, no interval

A. Dvořák: Scherzo capriccioso in D-flat Major, op. 66, B. 131
P. I. Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, op. 71, Act II

Conductor: Sir Simon Rattle
London Symphony Orchestra

Silent Cinema – Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm

Director: Hannah Berryman
Duration: 92’
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese and English
Categories: Group B (Not suitable for audiences under 13 years of age)

Sit leisurely at the outdoor plaza, put on the headphones, cut off from the outer world and enjoy an immersive movie experience in the autumn breeze for a few beautiful moments!

British rock music has been popular around the world even since the Beatles emerged in the 1960s. From the Queen in the 1970s to Coldplay in the 2000’s, these world-famous bands share one thing in common – they all recorded at Rockfield Studio!

Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm not only tells the story of how a rural Welsh dairy farm was turned into a paradise where bands sought inspiration, but also features interviews with musical legends who would retell absurd and bizarre secrets behind their smashing hits. In awe and laughter the audience will witness the history of modern British rock and roll through the Rockfield Studio.

  • After-screening sharing: The Great Influence of Rockfield and Music Making at the Studio
    Speaker: Eric Chan

    Eric is the lead vocalist and the guitarist of local band Forget the G. He has also worked as an album producer for artists in Macao and neighboring regions since he founded his own music label Day’s Eye Records in 2010. Eric will share with the audience how the Rockfield Studio has greatly influenced generations of British bands in both the creative and recording production aspects, shedding light on the relationship between the studio and music making.


31/10 Sunday 17:00-20:30

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory*

© 1971 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights reserved

Director: Mel Stuart
Duration: 95’
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese
Categories: Group B (Not suitable for audiences under 13 years of age)

It’s Halloween. Why not dress up as your favorite movie character and come to this Halloween movie party?

It’s been 50 years since this classic film captivated audiences with its colorful songs, great humor and life inspirational messages, with the Candy Man still working his powerful magic. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a classic Roald Dahl story, accompanied by joyful tunes, including the most familiar Candy Man and Pure Imagination. The lead, Charlie, is a poor young boy, clever and thoughtful. Along with other four rich, pampered children, he was so lucky to get the golden ticket hidden in the chocolate, hence the chance to be given a tour of the mysterious wily mogul Wonka, a bizarre world of chocolate. On this magical journey, Charlie, his grandpa and other kids discover that a kind heart is more important than savouring sweets. Come and experience an amazingly tasting, fantastic journey with them! And don’t forget to dress up yourself accordingly!

The 44th Academy Awards, Nominated, Best Music, Scoring Adaptation and Original Song Score

Golden Globes - Nominated, Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical

  • Outreach programme: Creative Costume Contest

    After the screening, both adults and kids are invited with fancy, quirky ideas to participate in a Creative Costume Contest. Five artists from the Dream Theatre Association, a local arts group, will act as magical elves to help the participants to transform themselves within a specified period of time into the most creative look-alikes of the King with the provided costumes and props. Participants can form a parent-child group. The elves will select the most creative King, who will be awarded a chocolate gift box as grand prize! All contestants will receive candies as tokens for their creativity.

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* With audio description in Cantonese and accessible captions in Chinese.
^ With sign language interpretation.