"Let the Good Times Roll: Traditional Festive Concert"

Thursday, August 6, 2020 16:00     Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium     Free registration

The Macao Chinese Orchestra will present the jubilant and joyous “Let the Good Times Roll: Traditional Festive Concert” to all music fans at the Cultural Centre Small Auditorium on the 6th of August. The song “Mo Li Hua” (Jasmine Flower) will tell folk tales one after another. As a folk song of the Qing Dynasty originally named “Flower’s Tune”, “Mo Li Hua” was also selected by the famous composer Puccini in the opera “Turandot”, making this repertoire very popular.

This concert will bring an exciting repertoire, including the percussive elements of “Flying Dragon and Leaping Tiger”, the Chinese New Year festive song “Drum Dance of Fong-yang”, as well as the popular classic “The Moon Represents My Heart”, among other pieces. To give our most sincere blessings to music fans, we will fill these holidays with Chinese music, and make fans experience touching moments thought music.

Concert Details
Date: 6 August 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 16:00
Venue: Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium
Tickets: Free registration
Enquiry: 83996409



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