Street Piano Programme

Community Activities

1/9-30/12|Monday - Sunday|10:00 - 20:00          

An unexpected music performance on a bustling street always gathers people’s attention. In addition to street performers, have you ever thought that the performance may also come from people around you? Two pianos will be touring around several spots of Macao from September to December so the public may play freely and bring music into every corner of the community, making it a distinctive musical feast in the city!

The piano is ready, would you come to play it with your deft hands? All are welcome to take the spotlight at the designated locations. Be it classical music, pop music or improvisation, your performance will definitely add colour to the whole city.





Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção Park

Leisure Area of

Edif. Wang Hoi & Wang Kin


Taipa Central Park

Macao Science Center*


Areia Preta Urban Park

Macau International Airport#


Leisure Area in

Rua Quatro do Bairro Iao Hon

Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal^

Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00 

*Macao Science Center opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 06pm. Closed on Thursdays, open on Public Holidays.

#Macau International Airport opening hours: 24hrs (Piano will be placed in the restricted area of the airport)

^Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 07am to 08pm (Piano will be placed in arrival hall).

In case of adverse weather conditions, the pianos will be temporarily closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.