Unforgettable Memory of Macao Garment Industry 

Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association

10-12/1 | Friday to Sunday | 8:00-24:00
13/1 | Monday | 14:00-24:00 
14-19/1 | Tuesday to Sunday | 8:00-24:00
Patane Library 

    Patane Library     Free

# Exhibition

Amid the ever-changing urban transformations, “forget” has become a key word, and thus the passing of values seems inevitable. History can be recorded and preserved. as well as bring imagination and recreation. Following Ready to Wear, the Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association presents this exhibition of Macao garment workers’ life stories, in the form of words, objects, sounds, images and costume designs. The exhibition is also intended as an open call, inviting the public to create together a memory map of the garment industry.

Curators: Lei Ioi Chon and Leong Sin U
Creators: Leong Sin U, Lam Ut Ngo, Lei Ioi Chon and Lei Cheok Mei