Robert Leveroos (Canada) 

11, 12/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 10:30, 14:30
Macau Flying Eagle Training Centre Activity Room

    Macau Flying Eagle Training Center     Tickets: MOP 120

# Puppet

Creative interplay of paper and puppet theatre

Canadian theatre group Macromatter uses puppet cinema as the medium to create fantastical and poetic works. Macromatter’s unique pursuit in visual aesthetics coupled with its cross-disciplinary approach has resulted in productions of aesthetic beauty tinged with childish innocence. Its major creative brain, Robert Leveroos’ hand-painted 3D paper theatre is noted for its intense style. Through a mixed use of simple materials and picture books, light shadows, puppet manipulation and camera movements, he successfully explored and invented visual puppet cinema that stimulates audience’s rich imagination and inspires further artistic possibilities. This production has been staged at festivals around the globe, such as the World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei.

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Suitable for ages 6 and up

Creator and Performer: Robert Leveroos

- Shuttle bus service is available from the Old Court Building to the venue. The bus will depart one hour before the performance commences. (Registration on a first-come, first-served basis)
- Audience will need to sit on the floor during the performance.