Binaural Dinner Date


10/1 | Friday | 19:00, 21:00 ( Additional performance)
11, 12/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 19:00, 21:00
Café Falala

    Café Falala     Tickets: MOP 120 (Include one complimentary drink)

# Interactive Performance, Theatre 

Follow the voice, break the ice and look for love

Across the table, within arm’s reach is another human being. Is this the one? How many questions need to be asked before you feel like you are getting to know each other? In Binaural Dinner Date, a voice in your ear guides you through the perfect date. Part interactive performance, part dating agency, this performance invites individuals looking for love, or existing couples.

Following sold-out performances across the UK, Binaural Dinner Date is the latest production from ZU-UK whose work has won awards and nominations in immersive theatre, hybrid art and interactive technology, most notably, Hotel Medea, a pioneer in the field of immersive theatre.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes

Performed in English (Cantonese facilitator will be available for assistance during the designated session of the performance at 21:00)

Restricted to ages 18 and up 

Written by: Persis Jadé Maravala
Performed by: James Turpin and Hayley Hill
Sound Design: Ross Flight
Cantonese Voice-over: Leonard Wong
Cantonese Script Translation: Hung Chiu-fung
Cantonese Facilitator: Wong Lam
Technical Support: Chan Ching Man