Melodic Fantasy

Black Sand Theatre x Clube dos Amigos do Riquexó

11, 12/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 18:00
Casa Garden 

    Casa Garden     Free

# Dance, Live Music, Puppet

Unplug and get outside!

Melodic Fantasy is a multi-disciplinary performance for children to enjoy theatre, with puppets, actors and a lovely dancer, surrounded by the magical sound of handpan.

Like most children of the same age, Greta and her brother spend all the time on electronic gadgets. Their parents decide to put away all the devices, which makes the kids run away from home and their adventure begins…

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

With occasional English dialogues 

Suitable for ages 3 and up

Scene Director and Puppets Maker: Maíra Belati 
Artistic Director, Props and Puppets Maker: Antonio Martinez
Actors: Maíra Belati, Antonio Martinez, Susana Esmeriz, Duarte Esmeriz and Josefina Tavares
Sound Design: Bruno Oliveira