Mau Tan, Kat Cheong

Four Dimension Spatial

19/5|Sunday|15:00     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 180

Since the 1980s, a large number of immigrants and illegal workers from the mainland flooded into Macao, the so-called “dream land”, to pursue a gold rush dream. They provided labour force to the city’s economic development. The neighbourhood of Mau Tan Building and Kat Cheong Building has accommodated different batches of “dreamers”. Three decades passed, how many of them have made their dreams come true and how many have returned home in glory? These buildings, standing in the Iao Hon district, have witnessed the transformations in Macao.

Local dance group Four Dimension Spatial visited and interviewed people in the neighbourhood of Mau Tan Building and Kat Cheong Building to explore the migration in Macao and to reflect the social transformations in the past 30 years.


Duration: Approximately 1 hour, no interval


Associate Directors: Ze and Popeye Hong
Choreographers and Dancers: Chan Chi Cheng, Anless Ho, Hoi Kei Kei, Kaman Ng, Li Yang and Chen Zhan Lun
Stage Design: Cola Wong
Sound Design: Ip Kim Kuok
Lighting Design: Calvin Lam