Curry Bone’s Travel 2019

Step Out

3-8/5|Friday to Wednesday|20:00
9, 10/5|Thursday, Friday|20:00 (Additional Performance)

Meeting Point: Building of Cultural Affairs Bureau at Tap Siac Plaza
Ticket holders should arrive at 7:40 pm at the building of Cultural Affairs Bureau at Tap Siac Plaza, together with a 3.5mm headphone. Participants need to walk throughout the journey, please travel light. Tour starts on time.

    to be announced     Tickets: MOP 150

It is said that in the Dwarves’ Land,
the map needs to be updated every three months;
there are only streets and museums here, and the streets even become popular places for checking in;
there are no ruins but only relics here, and no death but revitalisation.

Sightseeing Doctor Curry Bone has compiled his experiences in the Dwarves’ Land into Curry Bone’s Travel, and created a smartphone app. You are invited to put on your earphones and step on this meticulously planned walking path.

Step Out has been developing works of conversations between urban development and history. Curry Bone’s Travel was first debuted in 2009, leaving deep impressions for audiences with its satire on urban development and the pursuit of identity recognition. After a few silent years, Curry Bone is making appearance again, stepping out from theatre to outdoor this time. Good luck on positioning and have a nice journey!

Duration: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes
Language: Cantonese
Restricted to individuals aged 13 or above

1. Participants need to walk throughout the journey.
2. The activity requires the use of a smartphone app. Participants should bring their own smartphones, power banks and earphones.
3. Tours start on time.

Co-creation: Mok Sio Chong, Lou Chong Neng, Tou Kuok Hong and Ma Wai In
Director: Mok Sio Chong
Music Design: Snow Huang (Taiwan)
App Planner: Zhang Jimi (Taiwan)
Performers: Leong Kin Teng, Kong Ka Man, Wong Keng Chi  and Lou Chong Neng