Four Dimension Spatial and Changde Modern Dance Company (Changde)

18, 19/1 Friday, Saturday 20:00
Old Court Building, 2nd Floor (no elevator)     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 120

# Dance

Duration: approximately 50 minutes
With occasional Cantonese dialogues
Not suitable for people aged under 13 (contains disturbing scenes)

It is said that a goldfish has a memory span of seven seconds only. What happens after that?

Goldfish reveals concealed memories of emotional taboos under the logic of dreams. Macao avant-garde creative performing group Four Dimension Spatial, in collaboration with Hunan independent dance theatre Changde Modern Dance Company, create dreamlike scenes that are between fantasy and reality through lighting, and prompts a burst of suppressed emotions with an intuitive touch.

Producer: Hong Chan U
Concept and Choreography: Wu Bo (Changde)
Lighting Design: Lee Chi Wai (Hong Kong)
Technical Director: Mak Chi Fai
Technician: Liu Shi Qi (Changde)
Promotion: Chan Sio Fong
Performers: Zhou Yao (Changde), Li Mengbo and Chan Chi Cheng