Bodily Sensation Series: Turning Backs

Rita Vilhena x Lígia Soares x Diogo Alvim (Portugal)

19/1 (Fri) 20:15, 21:30
20/1 (Sat) 14:15, 15:30
    Old Court Building     Tickets: MOP 80

#Interactive Performance

Surrounded by the carefully selected visuals and audios, audiences sit back to back in pairs, and their bodies become an integral part of the theatre. We cannot see each other, yet have to entrust our weight with each other. We sit close to each other, yet look at the world in opposite directions. Sitting back to back may seem simple, but it inspires audience to reflect on the social, political and interpersonal relationships through this piece.

Turning Backs points to the core paradox of life: we are all included in exclusion. The acclaimed production was hugely popular during its appearance in Rotterdamse Schouwburg, the Netherlands. Your senses will be activated, starting from the back, and embark on a journey intertwined with trust and confrontation.


Concept: Rita Vilhena and Lígia Soares
Creation: Rita Vilhena, Lígia Soares and Diogo Alvim
Video Animation: Mariana Castro
Production: Stella & Artists


Approx. 50 minutes
Performed in English
Suitable for people aged 16+