Unlock Dancing Plaza (Hong Kong) x Namstrops (Japan)

20, 21/1 (Sat, Sun) 19:00     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     MOP 120


The Macao City Fringe Festival is pleased to introduce an exclusive collaboration between the Hong Kong based Unlock Dancing Plaza, a recurring winner of the Hong Kong Dance Awards, and Namstrops, a Japanese youth dance group, in a production ranging from  improvised performance to showcase of physical strength and body movements, presenting a dance triple bill of diverse themes.

Unlock’s participatory piece bolero, which has won critical acclaims in various festivals, sets out to explore the meaning of life in the company of classical music. Namstrops, whose members come from physical education background, not only reverses “sportsman” as their group name, but is also ready to reverse your imagination of dance with their vigorous, agile and anti-gravity Hurdle #3. The two dance groups will then team up in A Short, Thick Rainbow, transforming body movements and passions into a language to bridge the cultural differences. Three dances in one go, and the excitement lives on!


Choreography: Ong Yong Lock
Lighting Design: Lee Chi Wai
Music: Bolero (M. Ravel)
Dancers: Ong Yong Lock, James Yau, Andy Lee and participants from workshop

Hurdle #3
Choreography: Namstrops (Akifumi Toyofuku, Souhei Nobe, Takafumi Kodama and Rumiko Takahashi)
Music: Batdance (Prince), Without Talking about Life (Takuro Yoshida) and Run 01 (Dexpistols)
Dancers: Akifumi Toyofuku, Souhei Nobe and Takafumi Kodama

A Short, Thick Rainbow
Choreography: Unlock Dancing Plaza and Namstrops
Music Design: Genki.Ohno
Installation Design: Yuko Kabashima
Dancers: Akifumi Toyofuku, Souhei Nobe, Takafumi Kodama, Akiyoshi Nita and Joseph Lee


Approx. 1 hour


A Short, Thick Rainbow was premiered on 16th to 18th December 2016 at 8/F Platform, Hong Kong Dance Company, Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong. The premiere was co-organised by Hong Kong Dance Company – 8/F Platform X and Unlock Body Lab.