You Can Sleep Here

Co-coism (Taiwan)

19, 20/1 (Fri, Sat) 21:30     Secret Location     MOP 80


It is not uncommon to have a kip at work in the daytime, but it would be a real thrill when the whole city becomes your bedroom. Co-coism will be out and about, come and go like shadows, turn streets into beds, turn “Mosquito Halls” (abandoned public places) into bedrooms, shuttle between the small city and dream land, make a loud manifesto that “There is nothing wrong about sleeping!”.

The three new emerging directors of Co-coism from Taiwan never run out of creativity – bathhouse, tea house and kitchen, the themes can’t be more refreshingly original. Their immersive theatre Zuò Zuò Tea House was a great hit in Macao in 2017. This time together with Macao producer Ieong Pan, they invite you to live in a Mosquito Hall. You may sleep or have some chitchat, and the boundary between private and public space is here to be broken.

# Please prepare all you need for the overnight sleep.


Creations: Hung Chien-Han, Chang Kang-Hua, Huang Ding-Yun and Ieong Pan
Visual Design: Chen Chia-Wei


Performed in Cantonese and Mandarin
Restricted to people aged 18+

Please provide contact information upon ticket purchase. Details will be informed in due course by SMS, and will be posted on the Festival’s website and Facebook page.