The Auction of Love Stories

KICLUB – Break a Leg (Taiwan)

14/1 (Sun) 17:00, 21:00
15, 17/1 (Mon, Wed) 19:30
    Mico Café     MOP 120 (incl. one selected drink)


Welcome to the Auction of Love Stories! We offer exclusive items overloaded with someone’s romantic memories, including Thai Amulets, adult toys, and even some indescribable smells. Everything is possible, and nothing is off the table.

The Auction of Love Stories travels from Taipei to Macao, seeking all sorts of left-over items from your previous romances and the stories behind them, from DIY cards from the old days, love songs especially written for you to the Hello Kitty collections. The love might have eroded, but the memories live on. It is your story to tell, and it is my auction to bid. An auction of love stories exclusive for Macao is on.

Following the on-site leads of senses and sentiments, audience will relive the memory of each seller’s sweet and bitter love experience led by the auctioneer Ina. The bidding price? It is your say.


Items and Stories Wanted for Auction (Submission will be closed on 3/1/2018):

The Auction of Love Stories requires you to share your left-over items and love stories. Whether you wish to attend the auction or share your stories by words, video or body movements, or in what way you wish to share your stories, the auctioneer will help you make your ideas come true.

Please email your love story (within 300 words), item for auction (together with three vivid photos) and bidding price to Ina: Please write “The Auction of Love Stories – Macao” as the subject. Selected items will be auctioned in the performance. For enquiries, please contact 6630 1305.


Auctioneer and Director: Ina Li
Promotion: Vivian Chang
Stage Manager: Chien Chen
Lighting and Sound Technician: Meng Hao Chang
Front Stage Manager: Anna Qiu
Collection of Items and Stories Arrangement: James Chang


Approx. 2 hours
Performed in Cantonese and Mandarin
Restricted to people aged 18+