My Old Man is a Bus Driver

Dream Theater Association

13, 14/1 (Sat, Sun) 14:30
Meeting Point: Bus stop at Rua de Lei Pou Chon     Bus stop at Rua de Lei Pou Chon     MOP 80

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When you are standing on a jam-packed bus, hearing the loud passenger announcements and waves of different languages around you, and looking at the dazzling advertising hoardings, it may occur to you that it has been a long time since you last sat quietly on a bus and enjoyed the views outside the window.

An ordinary retired bus driver and his old buddies from work have been transporting passengers of Macao over the decades in the winding streets and lanes. They are both navigators and seasoned witnesses of historical changes. For two consecutive days, they will navigate us once again. The next journey is to wander around the Macao that has possibly been forgotten.


Creation and Planning: Joanna Chan
Creation and Guided Tour: Chan Kuok Wai
Creative Direction: Fok Ka Hang


Approx. 2 hours
Performed in Cantonese
Not suitable for children under 13