“Southern Music” Nanyin Concert

Saturday, December 16, 2017 16:00     Mandarin's House     Free admission

“Nanyin Narrative Singing” originated in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong. Traditionally, these songs were mainly sung by blind people in the form of stories. Very popular, these narratives feature their own tones and a unique way of singing, reflecting the helpless plight and wandering minds of those living at the lower levels of society. “Nanyin Narrative Singing” was inscribed on the “National List of Intagible Cultural Heritage” in 2011.

Currently, Au Kuan Cheong is the only blind musician who still performs  “Nanyin Narrative Singing” in the regions of Hong Kong and Macao. In this concert, the Macao Chinese Orchestra and Au Kuan Cheong give the public the opportunity to enjoy this rare kind of traditional Chinese singing art.

Programme Highlights: “Spoony Soul”, “Song of the Exile”, “He Weiqun’s Nocturnal Lament”, “Tribute at the Red Chamber” fromSoul of the Jade Pear” and “Nocturnal Lament”.

Duration: approximately 1 hour, including one intermission.

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