Chaplin Once More!

Helmut Imig (Germany) and the Macao Orchestra

29-30/10|Saturday,Sunday|20:00     Park of Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção (near Kun Iam Statue)     Admission with free ticket

The Gold Rush

City Lights

The beauty of kindness, the ridicule towards the evil and the sympathy for the grassroots underlie the quirky movements and funny plots of Charlie Chaplin’s movies. Hailed as the King of Comedy, Chaplin must tell stories in his every movement. When sound films were sweeping the world, Chaplin responded to their arrival by composing scores for his films. With music seamlessly interweaving with the plot and the movement of actors, emotions in the silent film get more exuberant and vivid, translating to a revelry of laughs.

City Lights marked the first time Chaplin composed the film score. The story tells about a tramp, starred by Chaplin, who falls in love with a beautiful, blind flower girl, and rescues a drunken millionaire. Even in trouble, the kind tramp tries to help the girl he loves. In The Gold Rush, the tramp has become a gold prospector and later is trapped in a snowstorm with a wanted criminal; desperate to fill the stomach, they have to cook and eat their shoes. Both movies are written and directed by Chaplin, including composing the soundtracks. In addition to big laughs, audiences can discover his music talent in these movies.

City Lights and The Gold Rush will be screened in two cine-concerts respectively, accompanied live by the Macao Orchestra under the baton of Helmut Imig.

Conductor: Helmut Imig
Macao Orchestra

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval