Roberto Zucco[Additional show]

Dream Theater Association

15-17/5|Friday to Sunday|8pm(15-17/5);3pm(17/5)     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 150

A tale about the murders and escape of a serial killer with no motive

Co-production: Dream Theatre and Théatre de Ajmer
Playwright: Bernard-Marie Koltès
Director: Franck Dimech
Chinese Translation: Chou Jung Shih
Cantonese Translation: Jason Mok and Ben Ieong
Lighting Design: Tou Kuok Hong
Costume Design: Frédéric Forest
Performers: Kate Leong, Hui Koc Kun, Ben Ieong, Jason Mok, Carmen Kong, Joanna Chan, Lai Wen Chun, Li Wen Hao, Mok Kuan Chong and Lao Nga Man

The grisly play Roberto Zucco is based on the (true) story of a young man who stabbed both his parents to death. Famous for the manner in which he changed his persona and took on new identities, Roberto Succo managed to evade justice from police forces in three countries for over ten years, kidnapping, terrorizing and hijacking as he moved from one country to another. When at last run to ground, he was judged to be mentally ill and sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he served just five years of a ten year sentence before escaping and going on to commit a series of crimes ranging from murder and rape to burglar. Succo was eventually caught and committed suicide in his Italian prison cell in 1988. The play furthers the mystery behind the mask, accrediting him with being a quasi-religious figure – an anti-hero, one might say.

Written by renowned French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès, Roberto Zucco has been widely recognized as one his signature classics featuring strong ironic and dramatic tension. Through the massacre, which mirrors the hidden problems of modern society, the playwright criticizes modern morals and values while conveying his own philosophy and moral principles.

Through exploring new theatrical performances and providing diverse platforms and learning opportunities for enthusiastic teenagers and local artists, the Dream Theater Association has been taking different approaches to pushing forward and sustaining the development of theatre arts in Macao.

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Performed in Cantonese, no surtitles
Restricted to audiences over 16 (contains violence and adult topics).
Duration: approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, no interval