Macao Kaifong Cantonese Opera Juvenile Troupe


12/5|Sunday|7:30pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 100, 80

Script Co-ordinator: Ieong In On
Director: Zhao Lifang
Deputy Directors: Deng Zhiming, Chen Riyun and Zheng Chunyuan
Artistic Director: Lo Hang Peng
Make up: Mai Suixiu
Set Installation: Wong Iat Peng, Cheong Kin Chi, Luo Xiaoqing, Ng Fai, Chan Hon Kuong and Vong Cheong Son
Costume Designers: Chau Lai Seong, Ng Iok Ieng, Chao Choi Keng and Ma Soi Wan
Photography: Ng Chi Keong

Main Characters and Cast:
Grand Dame SheDeng Zhiming / Mu GuiyingNg Chi Cheng / Yang QiniangCheong Ka Ieng / Yang WenguangMok Weng Lam / Wang WenNoé Cristovão / Wang XiangTong Chi Wa / Wang HuiTang Chi Kin / Kou ZhunZheng Chunyuan / Princess ChaiCheong Sut Ian

Joy overflows at the Tian Bo Yang House. The centenarian Grand Dame She is preparing a birthday banquet for her grandson, Yang Zongbao, a military general guarding the frontier against the Western Xia. Then the tragic news of his death on the battlefield reaches home, and the Court, stunned by the loss of their prized General Yang, prepares to seek a truce with their enemies. Unwilling to concede, Grand Dame She forgoes her mourning and assumes her grandson’s military post. With support from the loyal female generals of the Tian Bo Yang House, the Grand Dame launches a calamitous war against the Western Xia.

Yang’s Female Warriors features a large number of role types, and the role of Grand Dame She, played by a male artist, is particularly eye-catching.

Promotion and preservation efforts have mounted since Cantonese Opera was inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The annual Macao Arts Festival provides a platform for this art, facilitating the education of the next generation of artists.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness Macao’s young talent rise to the challenge!

With surtitles in Chinese

Duration: approximately 2 hours, including one interval