By Mayumana (Israel)

27, 28/5 (Friday, Saturday)
8pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 300, 200, 100

Time is the rhythm pacer and the foundation for the development of music, song and dance. However, our actions have the ability to change our perceptions of time as well. In Momentum, Mayumana have the ability to stop time or slow it down in order to arrest the present moment; or reverse it in order to revisit the past; or speed it up in order to launch ourselves further into the future…

When and how do we choose to be in step with time and when and how do we choose to manipulate or distort it?

“It’s hard to describe Momentum, the newest offering from the Israeli performance troupe Mayumana. But it’s easy to like what you see. Even when your inner cynic tries to label the show a ‘Stomp clone’ or ‘De La Guarda’ light, the 90 minutes of dancing, songs and percussion will have your inner child smiling too much to care.”
The New York Times, New York, USA ”Mayumana brings funky moves and cutting-edge technology” Time Out New York, Dec 10'

Managing Team
Cofounders, Creators & Artistic Directors: Eylon Nuphar & Boaz Berman
Cofounder & Producer: Roy Ofer
CEO: Erez Bek
Senior VP and Human Resources Manager: Dalya Swissa
Co-Director: Ido Kagan
VP Technical Logistics & Sound Designer: Amir Schorr
VP International Operations & Bookings: Iris Ronly Riklis
VP Business Development: Shlomit Reshef Shani
International Commercial Director: Itzik Becher
Head of the Artistic department: Iris Marko

Actors: Ido Kagan, Vicky Burrel, Hovav Shoshan, Hila Yaffe, Lu Arroyo Moreno, Omer Zeret, Asaf Yaniv, Itamar Dari, Erez Tzemach, Gali Hod, Almog Ben Horin

Artistic Team
Creators & Artistic Directors: Eylon Nuphar & Boaz Berman
Artistic advisor, Video art, musical editing & effects: Ido Kagan
Artistic Advisor: David Ottone
Artistic Advisor: Giuliano Peparini
Costumes, set and props designer: Michael Kramenko, Yaron Zino, Dany Bar Shay
Lighting designer: “The Beam Team”, Roy Milo & Eylon Nuphar
Technical & sound designer: Amir Schorr
Video art: Gilles Papain, Michael Kramenko, Co-Op
Graphic & web designer: Eliraz Dekalo, Natan Lenski
Photographers: Gadi Dagon, Adi Orni, Ran Biran
Artistic Coordination – International cast: Silvia Garcias De Ves, Aka Jean Claude Thiemele
Rehearsal director: Naomi Perlov
Artistic assistance: Hila Yaffe, Vicky Burrel
Music, lyrics & arrangements: Eylon Nuphar & Boaz Berman
Vocal guidance & A cappella music arrangements: Doron Ben Ami
Music & arrangements for “Trance” section called “VJ”: DJ Shlomi Avretz (Matbucha project)
“Running” musical arrangement: Yossi Fine
Creative Technology consultant: Dr. Oren Zukerman

Crew on tour
Technical Director: Roy Milo
Stage Manager: Guy Shabtai
Video Technician: Elad Cohen
Stage Technician: Fermin Blanco
Back Line: Victor Juan Moreno
Sound Operator: Jordi Mañas Martinez
Lighting Operator: Marco Belloni
Chief of Lights: Jose Miguel Velasquez

Production Manager: Ramon Broza

Mayumana is represented in Macau by:
Décima Colina, Lda

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval