Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase

6~10/5 (Friday to Tuesday)
6pm to 9pm     Iao Hon Garden     Free Admission

The Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase, held in the northern part of the city in order to grant free access to the Macao Arts Festival to a wider audience, features artists from the various generations and traditions of Macao, as well as foreign groups and performers. Music, theatre and dance flourish from the exchange between the Chinese and Portuguese cultures, together with foreign expressions, which reverberate with echoes of both tradition and modernity.

Performing groups:
Motionhouse (United Kingdom)
La Passionata Svironi Company (Israel)
Zic Zazou (France)
Orto-Da Theatre Group (Israel)
Macao Federation of Trade Unions Dance Group
Macao Juvenile Group of Guzheng Arts
Macao Fringe Club
Macao Percussion Association
Southern Music Association of Macao
Macao Taoist Orchestra Association
Au Kuan Cheong
City in Emotion
The Shinshins
Bruce Pun

(Programme to be announced)

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