Traveller’s Home: Master Works by George

29/5~29/8(Saturday to Sunday)
10am to 6pm(Closed on Mondays)     Macao Museum     Tickets: MOP 15

The Museum of Macao presents an exhibition on the famous English painter George Chinnery (1774-1852), regarded as the Western artist who most influenced India and Southern China in the 19th century. He moved to Macao in 1825, and his vivid and lively sketches of local street scenes have become precious historical records for the study of the region’s history.
The exhibition displays 150 of Chinnery’s oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and sketches and is divided into four sections: “Life in England”, “A Trip to India”, “Time in South China” and “Soul of Painting”. Many of these works are vibrant depictions of social life in early 19th-century Macao. The works on exhibit come from collections owned by HSBC, Jardine Matheson Limited, the Macao Museum of Art, the Macao Museum and individual collectors.