Davy & Kristin McGuire (United Kingdom / Germany)
A Study of Eating Habits - Installation

23~28/5 (Saturday~Thursday)
12pm to 2:30pm (23, 24, 28/5)
12pm to 7pm (25~27/5)     Lou Kau Mansion    

A Study of Eating Habits is an interactive video installation, which depicts the story of a couple’s relationship through the meals they eat. In it, two doors, a table and a window are extracted from a house and placed within a gallery. Projected onto these objects is another image of objects themselves, as they were used by the couple over the period of a week. These images are played fast-forward, giving the audience the impression they are immersed in a room that is travelling through time.

A Study of Eating Habits is designed as a life size, immersive, walk through installation. “In McGuire's timelapse recording of a week in the life of a room, domestic objects tell the story of their former life in fast forward.” – Rebecca Lennon, Curator of 37 Seconds program at the BBC Big Screen, Liverpool

Duration: approximately 10 minutes, no interval