El Retablo (Spain)

23, 24/5 (Saturday, Sunday)
11am, 4pm, 6pm     Macau Conservatory Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 30

Author: Pablo Vergne Quiroga
Assistant Director: Carlos Piñero

Animals it is a concert of small histories concerning the animal world. Objects, elements and diverse materials are transformed into animals, animated beings whose forms, colours, sounds, rhythms and movements draw varied scenic scores that captivate and amaze both children and adults. Poetical, playful, humorous and emotive scenes are developed with a simple language, close to the child, whose imagination is like a “Noah's ark” populated with all the animals of creation.

This show is a celebration for the senses of the child, a theatrical proposal as a game between diverse elements, a game that will produce in the child an intellectual, emotional and aesthetic experience.

“The show converts itself into a feast for the senses filled with poetic, humorous and emotive scenes.” Lanza

Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval
* Suitable for children over 3 years old.