Divana, Musicians and Poets of Rajasthan (India) and Dulsori, Sound of Nature (South Korea)

Tuesday, January 4, 2005 20:00     Senado Square    

1/4 (Friday)
Senado Square


Emotional. Exhilarating. Enigmatic. These are only some of adjectives that can be used to begin to describe the charm of the folk music of Rajasthan, northern India. Since 1991, Divana, the Musicians and Poets of Rajasthan, have been at the vanguard of performing the most original forms of this music. Similar to the Roma (or Gypsies) in Europe, the nomadic nature of the people of Rajasthan provided inspiration for their musicians to write songs that reflected their lifestyle and character. With such a rich history, their melodies are romantic and poetic, telling stories of family and brotherhood. The ensemble “Poets and Musicians of Rajasthan” brings together the greatest contemporary virtuosos of this tradition.

Dulsori, the second ensemble performing tonight, is a unique and dynamic Korean percussion and musical group which highlights traditional Korean rhythms and music with a modern flair. The performers encourage audiences to participate during the performances, providing a festive atmosphere. The shared experience of the radiance and energy of Asian grace and culture reduces the distance between performers and audience.