"Raise the Red Lantern - The Ballet"

Saturday, March 23, 2002 20:00     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     150

Internationally acclaimed film director Zhang Yimou and the National Ballet of China join forces on Zhang's second stage venture - Raise the Red Lantern, a spectacular ballet production which brings Beijing Opera to the ballet stage and marks a watershed in collaboration between artists from China and Europe.

Su Tong's novel Raise the Red Lantern was adapted by Zhang into an award-winning film of the same title. This new adaptation in the form of a ballet depicts the plight of a woman who is forced through circumstances to become the concubine of a wealthy man. A secret love affair between the concubine and an opera actor inspires the jealousy of another concubine, leading to tragic consequences.

Germany-based Wang Xipeng, who has worked with different European companies, is the choreographer. Chen Qigang, the composer, is currently Artistic Consultant of Cite de la Musique, Paris. French stage-costume designer Jerome Kaplan created exquisite costumes for the dancers.

Director and art director: Zhang Yimou

Composer: Qigang Chen

Choreographer: Xinpeng Wang

Stage designer: Zeng Li

Costume designer: Jerome Kaplan

Lighting designer: Yves Bernard

Conductors: Li Xincao, Zhang Yi

Producer and general supervisor: Zhao Ruheng

National Ballet of China

China National Ballet Symphony Orchestra

Presented by New Music Entertainment