Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (Mainland China)

The Taste of Cappuccino, by Nick Rongjun Yu

16 - 17/3/2006     Dom Pedro V Theatre     100

Playwright: Nick Rongjun Yu
Director: Yin Zhusheng
Revival Director: Zhou Xiaoqian
General Artistic Director: Lu Liang
Producer: Li Shengying
Production Manager: Yang Shaolin
Artistic Superviser: Lu Liang
Stage Design: Sang Qi
Costumes: Zhang Tianyi
Lighting: Liu Jianzhong
Sound: Li Jinrui
Main Performers: Lu Liang, Song Yining

They have been happily married for over 20 years; that is story of actors Lu Liang and Song Yining in real life. Onstage, they will play opposite roles, enacting the stories of three couples in mid-life crisis who sold their souls to the city for a dream.

Living with meaningless careers and broken families, the characters awake each day to face a nightmare. Inspired by the human fabric of urban existence, this ultra-caffeinated "cappuccino" stimulated sold-out audiences for the first 20 days of its debut in Shanghai. The strong drink now comes to Macao, served up by one of the best theatre groups in all of China.

With surtitles in Chinese, Portuguese and English
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes, no interval