Friday, October 13, 2000 20:00     University of Macau     100

PROGRAM 1. Rhythm Choreography Alberto Lorca Music Jose Nieto Costume Design Pin Morales, Roman Arango Costume Making Juanita Muro, Gonzalez Dancing Shoes Gallardo Light Design Freddy Gerlache Pure dance without any plot is visual enjoyment. The rhythmic heel tapping, the vibrant pirouettes and the characteristic castanets form a dance full of sound and movement. 2. Message Choreography Aida Gómez Music Vicente Amigo Costume Design Aida Gómez Costume Making Maty Light Design Carlos Guerrero, Rafael Yunta To the music by the composer Vicente Amigo, four female dancers with their attractive movement display a female world full of sensuality and vitality. 3. Light of Soul (Folk Music) Choreography Javier Latorre Costume Design Aida Gómez Costume Making Maty Light Design Nicolas Fischel With rhythm of soul, pure sentiment, warmth, passion and sadness, the choreographer shows another way for flamenco, and 20 young dancers explain all of their force and rhythm in the traditional folk music. 4. Silence Is Broken Choreography Aida Gómez Music Jorge Pardo Costume Design Ana Lacoma, Ismael Aznar Light Design Germinal Silence is broken And the paper is torn and the pen riven When ink touches the theme of love. When the sun is rising, The moon is divided into two. Nothing but the sun can replace the sun, Nothing but love can explain love. Verse by the sufi poet Rumi Intermission 5. Oripandó Choreography Adrián Galia, Israel Galván, Isabel Bayón, Currillo Music Diego Franco & Ballet Nacional de España Costume Design Ana Lacoma, Devota & Lomba Light Design Florencio Sanchez, Carlos Guerrero, Rafael Yunta Dancing Shoes Gallardo First Appearance September 17th 1999, Fukuoka Sun Palace Theatre (Japan) Rhythm, colour, movement and definitively art and magic in this piece created by four young choreographers, which goes briefly through the different types of Flamenco, the coming millennium without it lasting tradition in any moment. Spanish National Ballet