Friday, October 20, 2000 20:00     Macao Cultural Centre - Grand Auditorium     200

P. Tchaikovsky


Jûlija Gurvica
Aleksey Avechkin

Lilac Fairy
Viktorija Izotova
The King
Normunds Zarins

The Queen
Sarma Rozenberga
Arnis Lîcîtis

Margarita Demjanoka, Viktorija Jansone, Tatjana Romanovska, Diâna Baranova, Rita Lukaçvica

Artis Bunga, Jânis Fierdiò, Ringolds Fiigis, Vitâlijs Kravèenko, Tâlis Sils, Sergey Naikshin

Carabossa’s suite
Andis Albrehts, Intars Kleinhofs, Jurijs Safonovs, Kirils Burlovs

Andrejs Rumjancevs, Marians Butkeviès, Igors Pavlenins,
Sergey Naikshin

Friends to the Prince and Hunters
Pâvels Vasilèenko, Jânis Fierdiò, Jurijs Safonovs, Artis Bunga

Tatjana Pavlenina

Viktorija Jansone, Aija Sila, Dace Lapia

The Cats
Agnese Andersone, Dîns Ritenbergs

Princess Florina
Zane Teikmane

Blue Bird
Igors Pavlenins

Little Red Riding Hood
Diâna Baranova

The Wolf
Kirils Burlovs

Tom Thumb
Intars Kleinhofs

Aivars Leimanis

Nâra Gauja

Ivars Noviks

Lighting designer
Janis Valle

Ballet Company Manager
Aldis Apse

Technical Director
Vilmars Sadris

Ballet Administrator
Elita Bukovska

Artistic Director
Aivars Leimanis

General Manager of the Latvian National Opera
Andrejs Zagar

A story-tell in points – The story
of Sleeping Beauty

Act I
Scene 1
There is celebration in King Florestan’s palace on the occasion of the birth of Princess Aurora. The Fairy Carabosa has not been invited. Carabosa arrives at the party and in her anger puts a spell on Princess Aurora°G when she turns 16, she will prick her finger and die.
The Lilac Fairy tries to change the prophesy, Aurora will only fall sleep, and along with her, the whole of Florestan’s kingdom. The Princess will be awakened after 100 years by the kiss of a beautiful Prince.

Scene 2
It is Princess Aurora’s 16th birthday. There is an old woman amongst the guests. She smiles and gives the Princess a strange toy. It is a spindle. The surrounding folk who know Evil Carabosa’s prophesy try to save the Princess but it is too late. Aurora has pricked her finger and falls to the ground. The old woman laughs and lets her coat fall to the ground revealing that she is Carabosa. She has had her revenge. Aurora and King Florestan’s entire kingdom fall into a deep sleep.

Act II
Scene 1
One hundred years have passed. Prince Desiree is hunting in the forest. He is dreaming of a beautiful Princess. The Lilac Fairy creates Aurora’s image. The Prince asks the Fairy to make the image come true.

Scene 2
The Lilac Fairy tales Prince Desiree to Florestan’s sleeping kingdom. Prince Desiree’s kiss awakens Aurora and the rest of the kingdom. The Prince asks Princess Aurora to marry him.

Scene 3
Aurora and Prince Desiree’s wedding. Fairies and fairy tale characters celebrate with the happy couple.