Cultural Affairs Bureau invites the public to participate in the activities to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macao” on the World Heritage List

Date of publication: 07/07/2020
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) will host a festival “Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Inscription of the Historic Centre of Macao on the World Heritage List”, on 11 and 12 July, from 10:30am to 6pm, at the “World Heritage Youth Education Base”, located in the Mandarin’s House and Lilau Square. The opening ceremony will be held on 11 July at 11am, at the Mandarin’s House. The Festival features a great variety of activities such as singing and dance performances, special game booths, thematic exhibitions, workshops, and the sale of cultural and creative products. Admission is free and all are welcome to join.

Supported by IC, the Macao Government Tourism Office and a number of cultural heritage associations, the Festival aims to provide information about the Historic Centre of Macao in an interactive and interesting way. Participants can stand a chance to win good prizes, such as postcards and mask cases, which are limited and will be available while stocks last. A number of booths with cultural and creative products will also be available, with souvenirs, comics and animation products, as well as publications themed around the cultural heritage of Macao aimed at promoting local creativity. Various quality programmes will also be presented, such as a lion dance, Cantonese opera performances, Portuguese folk dance and thematic exhibition boards about the “Historic Centre of Macao”, allowing the public to have a better understanding about the city’s cultural heritage and its protection, from different perspectives. During the Festival, there will be free buses available, going from Iao Hon Municipal Market and Taipa Central Park to Mandarin’s House, every hour, from 11am to 4pm; those interested can also take public transportation to reach the venue.

In addition to the thematic festival, IC will also hold a number of activities connected with the “World Heritage Open Day” in July, sharing with the public interesting facts about the Historic Centre of Macao, through unique visual experiences. Registration for the activities “Ascent to the Guia Lighthouse” and “Secret Magic Circle of the Senado Library” will also be available here. The WeChat game – “I am a Cultural Heritage Expert” will close on 31 July, offering participants the chance to win great prizes. Admission to the activities of the “World Heritage Open Day” is free and all are welcome to participate.

The event “Activities in Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Inscription of the Historic Centre of Macao on the World Heritage List” is organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, with the support of the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Kaiping Municipal People’s Government, Air Macau Company Limited and Bank of China (Macao Branch). To safeguard the health of participants, IC will implement  appropriate measures, according to the anti-epidemic guidelines of the Health Bureau, such as strengthening cleaning and sanitization at the venue. All participants must wear face masks, undergo body temperature checks, present a “Macao Health Code” of the day and follow crowd control measures on site, including admission being restricted to a maximum of 100 visitors to the Mandarin’s House and a maximum of 30 visitors in each indoor space, simultaneously. The activities may be adjusted based on the pandemic situation.

For more information about the programme of the Festival and the activities of the event, please visit the official website at or contact Ms. Chong through tel. no. 8590 4382 or Ms. Wong through tel. no. 8590 4329, during office hours.