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Review of Culture, International edition, no. 66 (RCI)

O estudo sobre a concessão da exploração do ópio e o desenvolvimento da economia de Macau é o destaque da edição número 66.

Works by the Artists of the Collective Eshibition of Macao Visual Arts 2020

Among a variety of artistic and cultural events organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, "Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts" plays a distinctive role. As an exhibition platform for local artists and art enthusiasts, a bridge of "meeting friends for art appreciation and exchanges" and an important access to approach contemporary arts in Macao, this exhibition is indispensable for promoting the development of local visual arts. We called for entries for "Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts", over 300 pieces (sets) of artworks were collected, which covered oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, video, installation, animation interactive installation and other cross-media creations. The age of participants ranged from 10 to 73, and artworks from the youth group accounted for approximately one third of the total collection. The jury comprised artistic experts and scholars from Macao, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. After rigorous evaluation from the quality, connotation, creativeness and skill of the entries, our jury members finally selected 79 pieces (sets) of award-winning and short-listed artworks.

Review of Culture, International edition, no. 65 (RCI)

This issue of Review of Culture presents a series of articles about the Jesuit missionary method of the 17th and 18th centuries, the evidence of Roman Catholic competitive dominance over Chinese religious sites in Macao during the period of Portuguese maritime expansion in East Asia and the trajectory of Protestant Christianity in Macao.

A Room with a View - Baptiste Rabichon Photography Exhibition

This catalogue features 41 pieces/ set of artworks of “A Room with a View - Baptiste Rabichon Photography Exhibition”. He creates his works with a technique that combines traditional and innovative elements including analogue photography, digital images and projections of various objects from daily life. Rabichon’s creations that introduce the contemporary expressions of photography and invite viewers to explore further possibilities in artistic creation.