Ku Ieng Un

16-22/1 | Sun to Sat | 18:00-18:30, 18:30-19:00, 19:00-19:30*
Meeting Point: Yizhen Culture and Education Centre

* Please see remarks for details     Yizhen Culture and Education Centre     Tickets*

# Theatre 


They are telling their stories. Can you feel them?

In today's Iao Hon, you can see rental advertisements everywhere. They bear witness to the growth and transformation of the community, representing the life experience of different people in this neighbourhood. Most people living in Iao Hon are tenants, they leave their marks on different parts of the district, and the apartments carry their memories. 

Audience will act as tenants – with a map in hand looking for apartments for rent – trying to snoop on the lives and stories of Iao Hon residents. You may encounter actual Iao Hon residents performing for you!


Duration: Approximately 1 hour to 2 hours and 30 minutes* 
Performed in Cantonese and Mandarin 
Restricted to ages 18 and up

* Please see remarks for details


1. Interested individuals need to register on the "Activities Registration System" of the Cultural Affairs Bureau from 10:00 on 12 December (Sunday). Each person can only register for one session per performance day. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis
2. Please arrive within the time slot chosen to get the map (not available for latecomers), and go to the apartments to watch the performances
3. Tickets for each performance cost MOP 20, payable in cash on-site prior to the performance 
4. All performances finish at 20:30
5. Participants have to walk to the apartments, comfortable clothing is recommended


Directors, Creators and Performance Coordinators: Ku Ieng Un and Un Iat Hou
Concept and Production: Ao Ieong Pui San
Technical Director: Leong Son U
Programme Coordinators: Sun Cheng Kei and Chau Hoi Lun
Actors: Lai Chi Ieng, Chau Hoi Lun, Lok Man Lon, Kou Chin Chong and Lei Kin Chong