Symbiotic Dance Workshop

13-15/1 | Thu to Sat | 14:00-18:00
Patane Activities Centre     Patane Activities Centre     Free

Based on the concept that everyone can dance, symbiotic dance allows people with different physical conditions to move their bodies together while communicating with each other, and come up with their own unique dance moves. yuenjie MARU, an instructor from Hong Kong, will use the Danceability method to guide the participants to free themselves in dance, fully accept themselves, and not to fear other people's stares.

Instructor: yuenjie MARU


Target Participants: Individuals with mental or physical disabilities; volunteers, elderly aged 60 or above, and interested individuals are welcome
No. of Participants: 50
Registration on a first-come, first-served basis
Language: Cantonese


A few places will be available each day for interested individuals. Please see Facebook page "TODOS FEST"  for details