"Annual Arts Exhibition between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries" - Symbiosis


Tap Seac Gallery
    Tap Seac Gallery    

The Exhibition Area of China and Macao, themed “Symbiosis”, invites 5 Macao artists and 5 artists from the Greater Bay Area to present 45 pieces/sets of artworks in various media and forms, including oil painting, acrylic painting, ink on paper, photographs, computer imaging interactive installation, electric installation, three-dimensional sculpture installation, LED light and mirror installation, as well as performing art installation. The theme of the exhibition is “artistic symbiosis”, meaning to explore the subtle cultural and artistic links between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.


Zhang Chi
Birds Paying Homeage to the Phoenix
Oil on canvas, jewelleries
400 × 170 cm 

Karen Yung
The Remains #1
Oil on canvas
45.5 x 60.3 cm

Artists (List of names in alphabetical order):


  • Chen Yuan Long
  • Jiang An
  • Liu Xiang Lin
  • Xu Zi Wei
  • Zhang Chi


  • Leong Chi Mou
  • Lei Ka Ieng, Kit Lee
  • Tang Kuok Hou
  • Wong Iek, Jeff Wong
  • Yung Lai Jing, Karen Yung